What is Wujifa?

Wujifa is the practice of developing depth and understanding of subtle connections. These connections are often functionally explored in the training of body and mind through various practices.

Individuals often train the practice of Wujifa as; Qigong, Meditation, Zhan Zhuang, Martial Arts or Self Defense, Health Life Style, Yoga, or as a unique form of “Fitness Training”

Congruence, intention, and connections of body and mind are the aim of a Wujifa.

In a Wujifa practice one starts by seeking a kinesthetic understanding of ‘freedom of movement,’ and a ‘relaxed strength of oneness.’

In many other martial arts, they talk in terms of breaks in the energy flow (chi, ki, qi, prana). In Wujifa, we try to work from a more scientific understanding of the structure of the human body.

One of the keys to the practice of Wujifa is developing a unique form of relaxed strength that involves working with fascial pathways, what we often simply call developing connections.

When one understands how to utilize the connective tissues, one steps through the door and starts to understand what is meant by internal movement in the practice of Wujifa.

In Wujifa understanding and maintaining an active equilibrium between sheets of connective tissue torsion tensity, and the  freedom of mobility for movement in multiple directions, that also revolve around stable points of structure are means to developing further kinesthetic awareness .

Learning how theses stable points in the practice of Wujifa are set to float within the body’s equilibrium of membranes in a functional way creates a structured ability for connected grounded movement and responsiveness.

In Wujifa we start this process with basic standing practices then simple movement skill sets. This is done so the kinesthetics can further be understood.

As one develops their  senses through the  practice of Wujifa in  functional global systems of awareness, complex movements become more automatic, mobile, and adaptable.

In Wujifa we have a saying “You are where you are and that’s where you start.” Understanding that is the very first step on your path toward the practice of Wujifa.

The real key in a Wujifa practice is to continue developing a living and receptive kinesthetic awareness which helps keep practitioners present as they learn more about various way to develop oneness in movement and life.

Real time opportunities happen in each moment when we choose to engage with them. Many of these moments also happen faster than we normally think. Through taking the time to develop our awareness functionally we can connect more fully with these moments. As many Wujifa practitioners discover in the long run, “It simply feels right.”